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An Important Message For Every Person Who Loves The U.S.A.
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Clawback USA is organizing members of Congress with a pledge to:

  •  Become a strong, thoughtful body in our government;
  •  Elect a fair-minded Speaker of the House who will hear all sides and get things done;
  •  Take back the overreaching powers from the President;
  • ​Help Americans to curb the chaos in Washington;

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Do you agree with Clawback USA that:
  • Congress is Weak - Congress has gradually given up many of the powers granted in the Constitution. We should restore the checks and balances.
  • Presidents Took Power - For over 100 years, each President has taken more and more power from Congress resulting in a power imbalance.
  • Judges are Politicized - Nearly 2,000 Administrative Law Judges (ALJ's) are serving under the Executive Branch instead of the Judicial Branch. Let's restore judicial independence.
  • Bureaucrats Run Amok - Regulation writers are under the President, and the Agencies are not accountable to the people. Congress should control rule-making and vote on all regulations before they go into effect.

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